The Treasure Coast Ornate has been created so that the great locations for food, beer, and entertainment can be found in one place.  The Treasure Coast is a thriving place, full of entertainment, bustling businesses, and a variety of things to do.  Whether your new to the area, vacationing, or have been around, there are businesses popping up and events going on all the time.  Take a look at our ever expanding blog, or find our brochure.  Come back to our website, as we will continue to add more great destinations all the time.


Hello,  I am Joshua Arce’, and this is my wife Annie.  We aren’t professional food critics or renowned world travelers, but we thoroughly enjoy the food and entertainment spots that surround us on the Treasure Coast.  My wife and I are both in education careers, we both have Master’s, and we both love to eat, drink, and be happy.  Above is a picture we took in Seattle, WA at a restaurant called Sarajevo.  The flaming cheese is a delicacy from Bosnia, but please don’t let that fool you to believe we are rich and famous; again, we are work in the education field and when we get out, we enjoy a different taste whenever possible.

Of course we have usual hangouts and things we like to do during certain seasons, but we are just ordinary people trying to let ordinary people like us know about exceptional destinations to eat, drink, and be happy.  The rich shouldn’t have all the fun!  Enjoy, and cheers!