Wet Your Whistle — CC’s Place of Sebastian

Wet Your Whistle is a series of blog posts on happy hours, drink specials, and bar and pub specialty drinks and what have you.  This is a running series of posts that will be posted in mornings suggesting places for you to relax in the evening (depending on the area we are currently covering).  They will be categorized by day of the week, when the happy hour is, drink special, or specialty drink.

Our first place to ‘wet your whistle’ was a craft brewery.  This place is a hip, quaint, and private place.  CC’s Place is a small place with very big impressions.  From the outside, it doesn’t seem like much.  The building used to be a mattress barn store, so it isn’t much, but the insides have been transformed into a place that has an incredible charm and romantic atmosphere, and to others its just a secrete place to get away.

They offer craft beers, imported beers and a few domestic ones as well.  the selection rotates, but the thing I like is that they have a set standard to keep things in stock, like an IPA, Double IPA, Ale, and other major types of crafts beers; so you may not be able to get the same beer, but if you like a particular style you can try a different brand.  They also have a good selection of wines too.  They offer flatbread, humus, and other non-fryer foods, as well as a cheese dish pictured below.  We were particularly intrigued that they serve their food on granite.  We thought that it went well with the atmosphere it established with the low lighting and more personable, country hideaway.


Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

Besides the bar, they have tables for two or four, but they also offer rocking chairs.  they even have a side room where people could sit and have a more intimate conversation if the music is a little loud.  However, we went during open mic night on Tuesday and didn’t have a problem with the noise. On Wednesday, they have open piano night; again, this place has a unique atmosphere.  Its private and romantic, and the lights are kept low. ….well, you just have to go see.  You don’t have to bring a date because its a nice place that just takes you away from the world for a little while.

They also seem to have themed events and parties there.  Check out their Facebook page here; https://www.facebook.com/CCs-Place-667041350104662/   It looks like they have a good time.  They also have a small patio outside on the lawn.  This is a good stop for a snack and a good beer or glass of wine.  Overall , its inviting and the ambiance is good for seclusion or intimacy or privacy.

You can find CC’s Place at:

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