99 Problems but a Beach Ain’t One – Seagrape Beach

’99 Problems but a Beach Ain’t One’ is a series of posts that will discuss beaches by area.  These posts will review safety, population, amenities, cleanliness, and surrounding features.  We will be reviewing beaches by region and rotate by season as well.  Lastly, we will be having “guest beach” reviews to help people from the Treasure Coast find beaches all around the state of Florida to enjoy.


Image may contain: plant and outdoorMy wife is probably going to dislike that my first post about a beach happens to be our little haven, but here goes anything.  Seagrape Beach is a small beach just south of the Wabasso crossover, about a mile down the road from the Disney Resort.  Its typical Florida sand and landscape make it a perfect place to relax, and fortunately, before this post, it isn’t as frequented by an over population of vacationers  or snow birds.

One of the reasons that there isn’t a lot of people at this beach is probably because there is limited parking.  It has only about 30 slots for parking including 4 handicapped spots.  The furthest parking spot is only about 75 yards away from the small board walk down to the beach. It has trash and recycling receptacles and a circle where you can drop off or pick up your belongings.


The board walk is only about 10 yards to the stairs that go down to the beach.  It isn’t wide and the stairs are steep, but you get there without having to walk a mile.  The view from the top of the stairs is spectacular.  On most days, the picturesque view is a scene from vacationing guides and travel destinations.  When you get to the bottom of the stairs, the beach has maybe 40-50 yards until you meet the water.  There are no biuldings, houses, or complexes right on the water for some ways on both sides, just more stairs coming down from the steep dunes.  This makes Seagrape a more private beach than other beaches we have been to.

Related image

As for the waters, it has typical Floridian waters, on some days there is seaweed, riptides, man-o-wars, and other various hazards, but typically it is free of junk and problems that would otherwise prevent you from going in the water.  The walk into the water is gradual without any obstructions or sudden dips; of course everyone knows how quickly that can change though.  I find that the current pushes you more toward the North than pull you out to sea.  I frequently see swimmers swimming parallel to the beach without troubles, and the occasional kayak glides along smoothly.  The waves aren’t as bad as some spots when it is high tide or stormy, but again, it does depend on the weather and other factor, I’m just saying that the breaking point of the waves and where it breaks is ideal.  they aren’t high breakers or ones that break right where the water touches the sand because of a drop off.  Overall, swimming here is pretty good, but again, that’s typical for most Florida beaches.

No automatic alt text available.

Seagrape Beach is pretty clean.  The sands are nice and because there is not a lot of traffic, finding objects in the sand that could harm you, your pets, or your children are rare.  I don’t really ever recall going there and finding a mess left anywhere on the beach.  Usually someone has missed the trash can by the board walk, or the trash overflows, but again that is rare, the grounds crew does a good job (that reminds me that my son found $20 in the parking lot one time).  The beach is dog friendly.  For a while I would go with my wife, and sometimes the entire family, and we would always see three or four of the same dogs there.  they were really friendly and the owners were responsible and kind.

The only bad thing about Seagrape is its amenities; basically it lacks all amenities.  It has no running water to shower off with; it has no restrooms; and it has no fountains.  Of course being small and having no water or electric, there aren’t any shops on premises and the closest little convenient store is two miles away.  There are also no guards on duty, ever. so if you have kids, keep an eye on them.

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Lastly, I just had to mention that there is pretty decent surf fishing here.  I’ve only been fishing here once and had my bait stolen, but I have seen numerous people fish on the outskirts, and catch thing; tarpons, sharks, and even a sheep-head.  There was one time when we saw the water boiling with bait fish and tarpon chasing them and jumping out of the water.  Obviously, that wasn’t a good day for swimming, but we weren’t there that day to swim.

Seagrape has beautiful sunrises.  The walk along the beach is peaceful. It never really gets crowded, and it is clean and safe.  The sand is nice, the waters are typical, and it is really private considering that it is a public beach kept up by Indian River county.  So, if you ever want a more quieter time from noisy public beaches, try Seagrape; it’s superb.

Our Ratings: (out of 5 Shells)

Privacy                 4.5

Visitor Density    5

Cleanliness          4.5

Surf/Waves          4

Ease of Access     4

Amenities             1


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