What New Is Cooking – The Crab Stop of Sebastian

‘What New is Cooking’ is a series of blog posts that focuses on new restaurants opening in the area, or detailing new dishes being served in establishments already reviewed.  If you know of a new spot or a new dish, email us at thetreasurecoastornate@gmail.com 

Right on the river, there a building that has had quite a few tenants over the past few years.  A few months ago it was Salty’s Bar and Grill.  Its location is perfect for eat and drinking while watching the boats on the river or enjoying the weather.  It has a deck and pier on the water, with its bar located in the rear.  On colder days, the inside can be closed off and yet you can still see the picturesque scenery.  Well, now there’s a new tenant, and it is a tasty spot.  The Crab Stop of Sebastian is a seafood bar and grill and offers great happy hour specials, and a variety of food, with a focus on seafood.

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Having visited Salty’s and The Crab Stop, I know for a fact that few people would dislike the location.  The majority of seating has a roof over it, with other seating on the deck with umbrellas offering shade.  It has a pier extending into the Indian River Lagoon, the the breeze is a treat.  The seating arrangement isn’t overly cramped so you don’t feel overwhelmed by other patrons at the restaurant.

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The Crab Stop of Sebastian serves up big bowls of seafood.  The presentation was awesome considering they bring out this huge bowl of seafood with a variety of tasty delights.  It most definitely is a family place and you can feed your entire family with the bowls of seafood they bring out to you, of course there are smaller bowls that one or two people can share.  They describe their cooking as a Maryland style with a focus on crab, garlic shrimp, and lobster tails.  Also on their menu are fried clams, fish and fish sandwiches, and they even have a chicken sandwich and two different burgers.  My wife liked the burger and fries; I loved the fried clams.  You can see their full menu on our post; The Crab Stop of Sebastian.

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On top of great food and a spectacular location, they have a full bar with specialty drinks and an extended happy hour.  They have a small bar with high top area on the deck overlooking the water.  It doesn’t accommodate an extremely lot of people, but if you just want to have a drink with one or two people it suffices. We most definitely need to interview the owners and go back to this place soon, but if you’re in the area and like seafood that isn’t just fish, this is the place.

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