Make Manic Mondays More Merry – Tip # 1

‘Make Manic Mondays More Merry’ is a series of posts that suggests ways for people to coup with Mondays.  It offers suggestions as to where to eat, order, or what to make so that your Mondays are less stressful after having going back to the grind of everyday life after a weekend.  Let’s face it, Mondays are rough, so if you want a little help on your Monday, read this blog.

Monday isn’t a happy day for a lot of people.  It is a day that most people have to go back to work after an enjoyable weekend.  On top of that, what I have come to find in and around the Treasure Coast, is that a lot of establishments are closed on Mondays; more than likely they feel that it is a slower day for business and therefore feel that it would be a perfect day to give off to their employees and for them to restock and prep for the upcoming week.  I understand that a lot of restaurants need a day off in order to recoup or rest, Mondays happen to be a day that I don’t want to cook, just want a warm atmosphere, and when I am done working, I would like to just relax.

With this said, for our first bit of advice, Mondays are a great day for pizza.  Pizza is easy to order, easy to be delivered or picked up, and isn’t all that expensive; look around in your community, there are probably one or two neighborhood pizzerias that have deals on pizzas for Mondays.  Better yet, look through those advertising pamphlets you get in the mail, there is normally an add for one of the corporate pizza makers and the deals aren’t bad; I know that if you order online that they offer good deals too.  Up in Sebastian, Giuseppe’s has medium cheese pizzas on sale for $6.  You can’t beat that.

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Pizza always seems to bring our family together and relax us at the same time.  In our family, a plain old cheese pizza will be eaten by everyone…it’s the toppings that we often argue over.  When the kids of off at band or are doing something around the neighborhood during dinner time, there’s always some pizza left over for them and is easy for them to reheat.  On top of that, we normally order for a few pizzas because kids in the neighborhood  are always around and also like pizza; I think it’s a food that is universally loved.

Now, I know a lot of you are probably in the routine of having pizza on Fridays because it’s the start of the weekend and no one likes to cook on Fridays as well; to that I would say it is of course up to you…but not only does it make Mondays easier, we also use it for lunches the next couple of days too, so it makes it easier during the week to make lunches.

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As my oldest son would say, “pizza makes everything better”.  So, the next Monday that makes you manically depressed, make it a merry Monday by ordering a pizza loaded with your favorite toppings, or just plain cheese so no one argues.  It not only is easy, cheap, and tastes good, but it make Mondays easier.


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