Article 1- The Beginnings

As is suggested in our “About Us” page, we here at “The Treasure Coast Ornate” are pretty ordinary people (it’s just my wife and myself, and I am pretty sure she would say she is the ordinary one).  We like to eat, drink, be entertained, and be merry (I added the be entertained, if you didn’t catch that, because ultimately that’s what this blog is about).  You’ll find that this blog is basically a down to earth, smorgasbord of food, drink, entertainment, and happenings, in and around the treasure coast (we’re talking Florida if you don’ know).  While most posts will focus on the food and entertainment within the region we currently live, there will be plenty of articles relating to other things surrounding food, drink, and entertainment that doesn’t have to do with this region, so just because it says “The Treasure Coast Ornate”, please don’t be afraid to read some witty, interesting, funny, and hopefully some insightful articles, ideas, and conversations.

Now, in this blog you will find a whole spectrum of criticism and information, ranging on a variety of topics, with a lot of differing perspectives.  I don’t quit like to think I am solely a snob, critic, or intellectual; rather that I enjoy having a good discussion and telling things like they are, but if you follow this blog, some articles will be more formal, and others more witty or comical; that’s just who I am, but all-in-all, I will tell you the truth, and whoever reviews the site will hopefully come out a little more informed.  I’ve added this picture as a visual: wine-snob-quiz

So without further ado, I introduce to you “The Treasure Coast Ornate”.  We are a blog site that focuses on entertainment, food, drinks, and the arts, and while we are looking to explore and share all of the venues, activities, and places around the Treasure Coast.  We hope you will enjoy our articles and that they may help you broaden your palette, or perhaps you’ll find the next best hang out for you and your pals.


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