Havana Nights Piano Bar


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A hidden treasure!  Just above the Maison Martinique Resaurant, Havana Nights is a premier piano bar and drink specialty place.  Dress well because you don’t want to be caught drinking here in anything but the best attire.  Live piano playing really sets the mood in this place.  Its a cross between a speak-easy and a Cuban jazz night club of the old days. If they would play jazz I would be their every night.  Bring a date because this is the place where magic will follow you home.


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Havana Nights’ Exceptional Specialties

Bacardi Limon, fresh mint and juice of lime (or name your favorite flavor) 

Grey Goose La Poire vodka, Amaretto Disaranno & a splash of fresh lime 

The Big O (Oprah’s favorite)
Champagne and equal parts of Cointreau and Pomegranate Liqueur 

Margarita Havana
Partida Blanco Tequila, organic agave nectar and fresh juice of lime 

Lychee Martini
Belvedere vodka and Lychee liqueur shaken and served chilled 

Havana GinTini
Hendrix Gin, St Grmain, Rose Water, Lime

Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini
Citrus and Raspberry Vodka, Triple Sec, Lemon Chambord

Maple Burbon Smash
Whisky Bitters, Fresh Orange and Lemon, Maple Syrup, Splash of Soda

Expresso Martini
Vanilla Vodka, Kailau, Shot of Real Expresso

Chocolate Martini
Vanilla Vodka, Godiva Dark Chocolate and Godiva White
Chocolate with Chocolate Rum

Pomegranate Martini
Raspberry Vodka, Pomegranae Liqueur and a splash of Sweet and Sour


1605 South Ocean Drive Vero Beach, FL


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