The Chill & Grill

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Located on the quiet span of US-1 between Vero Beach and Sebastian, The Chill & Grill sits perfectly isolated from other businesses, commercial properties, and other major establishments except the newly renamed American Society Club that is across the street from it.  After the sun sets you can not miss the flaming torch that is displayed on the West side of US-1 in front of its parking lot.  If your looking for more upscale, artisan pub food, great atmosphere, and a place away from a downtown scene, this place is your paradise.

Image result for The Chill n Grill sebastian

While its quaint and modest floor plan only holds about 60 guests at best, almost every seat has a good view of the wood burning stove and open kitchen to watch the action.  Most of their exquisite cuisine is written weekly on the chalk board above the kitchen, but they have a regular menu with about eight sandwiches, eight entrees, and six appetizers to chose from.  They have a limited wine, beer, and craft beer list, but is well chosen for a great experience, and it compliments the food that isn’t regular pub grub but rather decadent, artisan delight.  While chilling at this establishment, you must try one of three things; the duck, the brisket, and the hog wings.

Whether it is the duck wings appetizer or the roasted 1/2 duck, the duck at The Chill & Grill is an amazing dish.  Come out and Chill at the Grill.

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